By Sharpest Thorn and Body Torn


My faith has left the Rock and con not thrive

Making me dead to all that’s alive

A veil has returned to mask my soul

Draining my strength, taking it’s toll

Covering with despair, invading my mind

The hope of my heart I’m unable to find


How could I turn and reject once again

My Saviour’s love that no sin could restrain?

Written in blood by the sharpest thorn

Poured from the side of a body torn

My name flowed across hands sealed by a nail

This love for me will, I know never fail


I must commune with my Lord, to search for wisdom

I must seek my God and His holy kingdom

And all will be added to me as intended

When first I found Jesus and by Him was befriended

There is nothing to add or be taken away

From the Messiah’s message for us today


Believe and be baptized and know

The Father of Lights, let all blessings flow

Through the Son who bore the cost

To release all power as at Pentecost

So the Living Spirit of God can reign

Within our hearts, bringing back hope again.