Bruised Reeds


Jesus, you are our most humble example

Now lifted high within your blessed Holy Temple

Inviting us to feast in the abundant heights

To taste and drink from your river of delights


Crystal waters spray, and play, where there are no nights

Fountains dancing, reflecting the Light of all Lights

And priceless dew-drop rain of unfailing love

Brings justice with mercy down from above


Your love, O Lord, reaches to the highest heavens

Your righteousness is likened unto mighty mountains

Rest for our souls is what your presence brings

Refuge is found in the shadow of your wings


As bruised reeds we sway beneath this flow

Not breaking, just bending, in readiness to grow

Parched for the Holy Spirit’s quenching release

To restore and revive, leaving precious sealing peace


Oh! Spirit of the Sovereign Lord be upon us

Anoint your church with a fire spreading touch

For the broken, the blind, the poor and maim

Setting captives free by the good news we proclaim.