My love for you is so intense

Stay no longer upon the fence

It’s time to shed those deepest fears

About all you’ve heard over all the years


In this very moment God can split the air

If only you would unreservedly dare

To hear His call ¬ brother make a start

In surrender, in longing, He will melt your heart


When time does come for you to leave this earth

Will you have known holy spiritual birth?

Salvation belongs to him who sits on the throne

And to the Lamb, Blessed Jesus, alone


The earth is His footstool, do not resist

Let your soul be moved, on this insist

Open your ears, let scales fall from your eyes

He will hear the very smallest of cries


Those tiny sounds that emit from within

Are taken and cherished then blessed to begin

The praise and worship you were born to give

Sung into eternity where with Jesus you’ll live.