Broken Wings

In the beginning you were there

Longingly, lovingly, hovering in care

Like an eagle teaching me to fly

And I was soaring higher than high


Lord, right now my wings are broken

My tears making every feather soaken

They’ve folded, I’m grounded, I’m on a rock

I’ve taken myself from among the flock


I’m yearning deeply to quickly return

Knowing once again I need to learn

Dependence will bring my total repair

Trusting, today, my burden you’ll bear


Beautiful Spirit in courtship dancing

Mercy and love, alluring, enchanting

Inviting, compelling me now to enter

Circling, drawing me into your centre


My wings are opening, beginning to flutter

Within your presence grateful words I utter

Repentance has brought me smooth and clean

Into a place where you’re clearly seen


Rising now on a thermal of grace

I come before your lovely face

I’m emptied, surrendered, no less than this

As Jesus seals all with His gentle kiss.