Beyond My Reason


Jesus, lover of my soul and essential part

Of who I am and what fills my heart

Transport this child to some celestial height

Where the dance of angels will fill my sight


l hear your voice O Judah’s Lion

Telling of the great golden City of Zion

Where sun nor moon will be shining bright

But the glory of God its brilliant light


I can see the One Upon the Throne

He holds my heart that once was stone

And tears fall down His lovely face

To mingle with mine like heavenly lace


Between His hands is a jar, exquisite and rare

My pain and sorrow contained in there

He holds the vessel with delicate care

Whilst His eyes melt all, in one compassionate stare


Lord, you love me far beyond my reason

With an intensity of feeling that has no season

But blows eternally through clouds of divinity

To surround and carry me into infinity.