Beautiful Tree


The vision for your church Lord, that I see

Is the Body of Christ, being all it can be

Planted by your stream, like a beautiful tree

Dependent on you, in loving unity


Your righteous ones will flourish and come to know

How to move in harmony with the Spirit’s flow

Each branch sending out, those ascending shoots

Reaching for the Light, that gives strength to its roots


Through the gospel of grace, your kingdom is grown

And the spirit of wisdom, with revelations are known

Each person blossoms, into a chosen flower

Released into giftings, that carry your power


This tree of yours, in its well watered place

Will constantly be upturned, towards your face

Uncovered before heaven, yet clothed by the Saviour

Offering plentiful fruits with choicest flavour


Every member giving colour, to be evergreen

Servants on a mission, their role foreseen

Your guidance so clear, like an arrow through a maze

Seeing Glory in Your Temple, throughout the end days.