Awake O Sleeper!


Sweet dew of the night, God’s holiness mist

Permeates my dreams, so I can not resist

The call of the morning, Christ’s opening words

‘Awake, O sleeper! Surely you’ve heard

How you shall arise, to where none can destroy

The sparkling light of heaven, my deep song of joy?’


Yes! Lord Come! Renew the spirit of my mind

Until Jesus within me is all that you find

Enable me to press in and outwardly progress

Your love and compassion, be all I express

Let mercy flow through me, so that all I’ll convey

Is your fragrant perfume, throughout this new day


Root out from me Lord, sin’s every dark trace

Covering all, with your cleansing pure grace

Cause me to grow like the beautiful Palm

Upright and steadfast, blessed by spiritual calm

Then even in a desert, a wilderness bare

I’ll bring forth good fruit and be blossoming there


Mountains make a way and highways rise up

As I hunger and thirst for your sacred full cup

When this flower is fading, by your glory I’ll be drawn

Knowing at each sunrise, fresh mercies are born

To rain down on me, like jewels from your crown

Giving peace to my heart, right through to sundown.