Anvil of Life


I know you save the needy from the sword

So I do not explain my suffering Lord

But I understand, as one of your elect

I’m chosen, I’m royal, a priest you protect


I am warned like Adam not to take the fruit

That drips with juices of an enemy pursuit

Now, I will not talk in endless platitudes

Only rest my tiring eyes on your beatitudes


In times of trouble and broken-hearted affliction

At morning and evening, I’ll seek your benediction

To bless me and keep me in your soothing balm

Your face to shine upon me, in all peaceful calm


As sparks fly upward, so troubles I’ll see

But on the anvil of life, please fashion less of me

Jesus, you see with what my heart would wrestle

So put more of your treasure in this earthen vessel


When my soul is faint and my body weak

Let me remember what my Saviour would speak

“Set your mind on the things above,

Brought to you by my unfailing love.