All You’ve Ordained


In the soft love-light of your eyes, was my unformed body

As you turned the pages of my unlived story

This writing you knew, would be sealed so purely

By your Son, my Saviour, the King of All Glory


You saw when the seasons of my life were revealing

How lost I was and in need of your healing

You took me in your heart, to a garden of tears

Where the drops of your blood, washed my future years


As I rise today on the wings of the dawn

I am fully aware how I’m newly reborn

I’ve entered a world, so beautiful and vast

Where your left hand guides me, your right holds me fast


For I’ve chosen the place to be refined and renewed

Fulfilling my destiny from all that ensued

When you took my sins, in every whipping stripe

And replaced my death, by resurrected life


Holy cloud of your presence rest above my head

So by stillness or fire, my soul shall be led

And draw me Father to the riches I’ve gained

Touching my days with all you’ve ordained.