Welcome to InspirationalVerses.com

Sometimes we Christians can not find the words to express our faith either to ourselves or to others. Poetry allows me to bring the most intimate feelings into an inspiring and teachable experience.

Reading God’s Word (The Bible) or simply praying…. communicating with Our Father In heaven….opens up my mind and my ‘receptors’ to hear and write, in what I believe, is a transferable message of faith.

Who can we ask for answers to the reason for this short life on earth?
Where can we go when we are suffering?
What/Who can give us hope in a hopeless situation?
What is happiness?
How can Body, Mind and Spirit be functioning well?

All this comes through the one who created us in His image…and I find my imagination is filled from him!

Will you join me in this pursuit of Our Creator and what He is saying through my Inspirational Verses?